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Book 4-Emergency Calls

Release Date

August 12th

Ben Jameson loves flying helicopters for the town of South Westfield’s fire department. His job as a fireman and a pilot leaves no room for romantic involvement and he is okay with that. He has had more than enough busywork trying to help rebuild their town, which was devastated by a record-breaking storm and flood.

Now that the town is finally on the mend, Insurance Adjuster Alexis Davison and her team are assigned to assess the town's damage and settle claims. When she meets Ben, the pilot sent to pick them up from the airport, she finds herself instantly attracted to the man.

Even though Alexis wants nothing more than to explore her feelings, Ben is throwing off signals that he's not looking for love.

Until a surprise hits them right between the eyes.

"This book is a must Read!! Love that the book is written so the reader can relate to the characters and plot."

Reader review-Amazon


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